Over Two Decades of Growth and Harvests

La Terra l’abbiamo nel Sangue

Farming is in our blood and we take tremendous pride in all that we do. Each variety has a reason and a purpose for where it is planted. Our current varieties are listed below, if you are interested in acquiring grapes please contact us.


Variety Planted Acreage Elevation
VarietalCabernet Sauvignon Planted1998 Acreage18.4 Elevation1415-1610
VarietalMerlot Planted1998 Acreage18.4 Elevation1430-1650
VarietalCabernet Sauvignon Planted1999 Acreage12 Elevation1560-1620
VarietalCabernet Sauvignon Planted1999 Acreage19.2 Elevation1450-1560
VarietalMerlot Planted1999 Acreage18.8 Elevation1470-1580
VarietalSyrah Planted1999 Acreage33.3 Elevation1460-1580
VarietalCabernet Sauvignon Planted2011 Acreage23.1 Elevation1510-1620
VarietalCabernet Sauvignon Planted2012 Acreage52 Elevation1530-1700
VarietalMerlot Planted2012 Acreage4.4 Elevation1390-1430
VarietalMerlot Planted2012 Acreage1.8 Elevation1415-1450
VarietalSangiovese Planted2012 Acreage2.2 Elevation1330-1380
VarietalSyrah Planted2014 Acreage17.6 Elevation1560-1730
VarietalSyrah Planted2014 Acreage37 Elevation1580-1740
VarietalSyrah Planted2014 Acreage9 Elevation1700-1750
VarietalSyrah Planted2014 Acreage9.8 Elevation1670-1750
VarietalSyrah Planted2014 Acreage9.9 Elevation1700-1730
VarietalMalbec Planted2016 Acreage1.2 Elevation1580-1590
VarietalPinot Noir Planted2017 Acreage10 Elevation1460-1550


Variety Planted Acreage Elevation
VarietalChardonnay Planted1999 Acreage22.4 Elevation1560-1660
VarietalRiesling Planted2003 Acreage11.9 Elevation1580-1660
VarietalPinot Gris Planted2007 Acreage23 Elevation1460-1560
VarietalRiesling Planted2007 Acreage27 Elevation1460-1560
VarietalSauvignon Blanc Planted2007 Acreage11.4 Elevation1470-1560
VarietalRiesling Planted2008 Acreage36.5 Elevation1470-1580
VarietalChardonnay Planted2012 Acreage16.3 Elevation1520-1660
VarietalChardonnay Planted2014 Acreage22.7 Elevation1560-1710
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